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Our Mission & Vision


Iron Gorilla's mission is to provide an environment that allows all individuals a haven to reach their fullest potential to the fullest desired level of fitness they would like to achieve. 


Vision:  Young and old, pro-athlete or beginner, all levels of fitness are important, and we are here to provide a venue and services to guide you to the best version of yourself.   



Schedule personal training sessions to receive one on one instruction for basic lifting techniques if you are a beginner or to bust through a plateau in your current program. 

           GROUP FITNESS

Sign up for group fitness classes to find fitness minded friends.  This will help you stay motivated to keep coming back!  Classes are offered at a variety of times to fit into all types of schedules. 



A variety of lifting clubs will be started to inspire ALL to pick up weights.  There will be lifting programs for Youth, All Men, Women With Muscle (WWM), Co-ed, and Seniors.  Ask us about any current programs! 



Nutritional services are available to those who have a specific goal.  Wanting to lose fat?  Gain muscle? Competing in a specific sport?  Each situation is different and requires different nutritional needs. Let us help!



We will be offering a variety of protein powders, protein bars and muffins, vitamins and miscellaneous products to help you reach your fullest physical potential.  Check out the café in the lobby for the latest products and apparel. 

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